Really? You Read My Blog?

Recently, I was with a friend who told me he reads my blogs. I’m not sure why I was so surprised, but I was. I was also encouraged. He went on to tell me that my blog about the 10 Things I Love About My Son inspired him to write down the 10 things he love about his sister and her emotional response to that act. I was really touched by that. Honestly, I have no clue who reads what I write and love it when someone reaches out to me about something I’ve written. Thank you to all who read it. I want to ask that if you are one of the ones who told someone about the 10 things you love about them, I would be honored to hear your stories about who you told and how it went.

On that note, there’s a generation of young adults who live for life’s experiences. Being in a leadership position, I can tell you that this sense of #experiences vs things have given some older people a negative perception of younger people’s work ethic.

I admire those who are living for the experiences. I’m one of those people even though my work ethic is strong. I am so inspired by my friends who still live abroad. They continue to travel the world, meet new people, experience new things, etc. They are creating experiences that they will cherish forever.

My experiences are triggered by songs or items that I purchased while traveling. For example, Firestone, a song by #Kygo, takes me to a rooftop bar in #Mumbai. It was an all white setting with bottles of champagne on ice and smoking (literally smoking because of dry ice) cocktails. I wore an orange dress with the perfect cigar in hand. It was a magical night and all I could do was think of what an awesome opportunity I had to experience that moment.

When I wear my green amethyst pendant surrounded in diamonds, it takes me back to the #Maldives. The amethyst I bought in a tiny jewelry shop from an Indian man. We spoke of his family and his life in India. Of course that then makes me think of the amazing time I had in the Maldives. Then there’s the story of the diamonds that now surround the amethyst. It’s a unique piece that was made by the diamond lady in #Doha who came to my apartment with trays of diamonds for me to select from. What an experience etched in my memory and my heart.

And Pasta…when I eat Italian food I think of the experience Jaden and I had with #ChefAndrea in #Rome during our cooking class. I’m happy Jaden and I experienced it with Michelle. It was an experience of a lifetime.

I get excited just reminiscing about my time abroad and am thrilled that I have had the opportunity to live life with a purpose of creating experiences. It’s been phenomenal. While many of my experiences are a bit lavish, I do have some that are much more simple and localized. Hiking the #ColumbiaGorge with close friends is one that comes to mind. It doesn’t take money to create experience but it is intentional.

I hope that each of you will take some time to create intentional life experiences. Share them with others. Cherish those moments. And next time a younger person wants to take time off to create some life experiences, encourage it and don’t look down your nose at them.

Life is all about experiences.

Living life, #Thriving, and it it’s all good!


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