A Weekend with the Kid

fullsizeoutput_384bIf any of you follow me on IG @kendradawnrn2002 you know that this past weekend, Jaden was in town. I speak with (rather text) my son regularly and we share quite a bit. When I decided to buy a #Mustang a couple of months ago, it was killing me not to tell him. He’d just started driver’s ed and kept referencing being my chauffeur in my Honda Element when he came to visit. Yes, I drove a Honda Element because it was appropriate for the #PacificNorthwest and I loved that car! Anyway, I was excited to see Jaden’s reaction when I pulled up in the #5.0 at the airport. His reaction was priceless. He didn’t skip a beat in getting behind the wheel to drive me around. This kid had no idea how much engine was under that hood but he did a spectacular job! He’s a safe driver and didn’t let this #Houston traffic get the best of him. It was a proud momma moment.

We went to the Galleria to “window” shopping at his request. Of course I knew what that really meant. However, I managed to get out of the mall without buying sneakers. We did have a pleasant experience at @LuckyBrand buying Jaden jeans. Jeans are the one item I have always dreaded shopping for with him. It literally alters my mood. So Jaden says, “Mom, I do need some jeans.” He went kicking and screaming (ok…a little exaggeration) into @LuckyBrand. We walked in and he’s like, “These jeans are so boring.” As I headed straight toward the clearance section a nice lady, Stephanie, asked if she could help. I said, “My son needs jeans. Jeans that aren’t boring and he thinks the jeans in here are boring.” Stephanie knew exactly what to show him. She turned to talk to Jaden about jeans and I drifted away. Thirty minutes later, I had a happy kid, an excited salesperson, a nice retired lady who lives in Mexico keeping me company (we found comfy chairs) and three pairs of clearance jeans for a fraction of the regular price! It was the best shopping experience for jeans Jaden and I have ever had! And that’s all we bought!

We stopped at the Daily Grill for Happy Hour and had THE best crab cake sliders. Literally, the bread melted in my mouth and the crab cake was so meaty and sweet. I could have eaten 10 of them! But I restrained myself. We also had delicious calamari, perfectly battered and seasoned just right. It was just what we needed.

Sunday, I had a few people over for an early Memorial Day cookout. I know that Jaden loves gatherings of family and friends so I pulled something together. I was expecting my fullsizeoutput_384dsister and 3 nephews from Kansas City to come down but she had an unfortunate truck vs. tree incident the morning they were supposed to leave. Perhaps that really was a sign…Saturday night Jaden made his now famous pound cake and I made pie. It’s just pie. It doesn’t have a name so we literally just call it pie. I also made the cold side dishes (potato salad & orzo pasta salad) the night before too. I got up early and put three slabs of ribs, chicken, and brats on the grill. It felt good to grill. I don’t do it as much as I used to because I laid off the red meat and pork quite a bit. I would love to grill a steak or pork chop back in the day. But with age comes conscience food choices. But every now and then, I’ve gotta have some ribs! And I’ll never give up bacon. Just saying.

We finished the night at a late movie watching DeadPool2. It was pretty funny! Not kid appropriate but funny.

The highlight of the weekend for me was to read a letter of recommendation for Jaden from a professional athlete with whom he’s been working with for local journalism exposure. It brought tears to my eyes to read the words on that paper. Another proud momma moment. This letter was part of the application process for a program Jaden applied for, Newsroom by the Bay. This is a journalism program at Stanford University. He was accepted into the program and will get to spend a week living in the dorms and being immersed in the world of journalism.  I’m so excited about his enthusiasm for journalism and photography and I hope he has fun and will take away valuable lessons to enhance his craft. He’s started a GoFundMe site to help with the costs of the program because it’s a little pricey. Please consider a contribution. Any amount is greatly appreciated!

Living Life & It’s Great!!!!!


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