Long Time, huh?

Ok, so my last blog I said Jaden was going to be a guest blogger. I’m still waiting on his blog but if I wait too much longer you all may forget about me. Plus, I have so much to tell you!

A few weeks ago, I took a trip to #Cabo. I’ve been there on a cruise ship but this time, I flew in and stayed at a resort. It was one of the most #peaceful and #restorative #vacations I’ve ever had.

Based on my last trip to #Mexico, I was determined not to stay at an all inclusive. This is primarily because the food at the all inclusive I stayed at was terrible. You all know how much I love a good meal and having bad food ruins a vacation for me. So I chose the JW Marriott Resort in #LosCabos. The infinity pools on the website is what got me. I loved it! The team onsite took excellent care of me. Ramon at the adult pool went above and beyond to make sure I was well cared for.

I can’t decide which was the highlight of the trip for me though. My package, which I booked through Costco Travels – my first time using them, came with access to the #spa amenities. I took full advantage. I went from the hot tub to the ice tub and back several times to detoxify my body. Then I went to the sea salt steam room, then the sauna. I finished my spa experience in the mineral pool. After all of that, my body was rejuvenated and I was just ready to lay by the pool and sip on an adult beverage.

Now, the other thing that is competing with the spa highlight is the food! I couldn’t get enough of the #lobster tacos and the #Cajun wings. How in the world is it that the best Cajun wings I’ve ever had were in Mexico? I ordered them 3 times! I also had 2 of the best salads I’ve ever had: spinach & salmon and a citrus grilled shrimp salad. To top it all off, the prices were great. It was well worth not paying for the all inclusive. Well, that’s because I stopped at the duty free store when I arrive to Cabo, so no liquor costs at the hotel.

I took a shuttle to the other side of town and went on the #caboadventures #sunsetcruise . It sucked. I love being in the open water on a boat. However, they advertised an open bar and finger foods. My margarita tasted like Kool-aide and the food was pretty bad. I love ALL types of music but even the music sucked. After all that, the most entertaining time was the shuttle ride back. There were 8 young ladies from the #ATL who were drunker than skunks and they were quite entertaining. It was 30 minutes of hilarity.

Overall, it was a fantastic little get away. My only regret is that the resort is very far from everything. Next time I go, I’ll stay at the Cabo Azul. The location is perfect and there are shops, entertainment, and restaurants within walking distance.

Where to next?

Living life and it’s so good.

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