What Fills Your Cup?

IMG_3804Several years ago, I heard someone speak on making sure your cup stays filled, meaning, make sure you do things in life that make you happy, bring you joy, etc.  In doing so, you have the capacity to pour into others. I feel that lately, I’ve been pouring from a cup that’s almost run dry. Unexpectedly, my cup was recently filled and I was overjoyed.

There’s no question that we live in a world where an incident can cause mass injuries in the blink of an eye. Many victims die from uncontrolled bleeding in as little as five to ten minutes. By learning techniques to control bleeding, any person, including civilians, can save lives.

At a recent leadership conference, during the community service portion, this concept was introduced to 1000+ leaders. We learned to #StopTheBleeding. Wrapping my mind around the idea of so many people being taught to properly apply pressure, pack wounds, and apply tourniquets was overwhelming. I thought about the number of lives that could be saved by learning this skill, similar to the life saving measures of CPR.

The program, an initiative of The American College of Surgeons and the Hartford Consensus, truly speaks to my heart. I will keep a tourniquet in my purse, in my car, at my desk and anywhere else I can think of.

So why did this training fill my cup? Perhaps it’s because helping people is one of my core values. To see others teaching others to help others just brought me such happiness. I am now prepared to stop the bleeding if needed and potentially save a life…it may even be my own.

Living life… #FillYourCup


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