So Much To Tell!

Trying to keep up with these two! Jalil & Amir

Maybe the title is too dramatic. Let me start by saying I’m not pregnant and I’m not married. Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, I’ve done quite a bit since my last post, including going to Kansas City to see my nephew Amir, as he turned 5, spent time in Grand Cayman with my friend celebrating her big birthday, and starting an ecommerce store. I’ve been busy having fun and spending time with people I love.


I took a quick trip to Kansas City to have a little birthday party for Amir. I just love spending time with the 3 little ones. They are so entertaining. Now, what I find to be entertaining, I’m sure my sister would describe as something else. Regardless, to be a kid again…no cares in the world. I always enjoy seeing them.

In a world full of electronics, my gift to Amir: books. We read all four of them, including a Paw Patrol book, before I left and I promised to have some reading sessions via video call. Reading is so important!

One of the highlights of my trip was seeing my great-nephew whom I haven’t seen in nearly 7 years. I was happy to see him healthy and happy and doing well.

Of course I must put in a plug for The Capital Grille on the Plaza. I recently had dinner at the one here in Houston and it was very impressive. I had the sea scallops and lobster mac & cheese here in Texas. The scallops were drizzled with pesto and fluffy enough to nearly melt in my mouth. The mac & cheese had the perfect combination of cheeses that coated the noodles to perfection. The lobster was front and center! Delicious. I had crab cakes in Kansas City, while they didn’t compare to the Texas experience, they were packed with flavor and crab. I hear the kono steak is the best and will certainly try it next time. The food is excellent and the service is amazing. The brand is consistent if nothing else. Expect to be impressed. I should probably do happy hour at @CapitalGrille from time to time. I’m sure it’s amazing too.

I’ve been to Grand Cayman as a cruise ship passenger but I’ve never flown in for a stay.IMG_2278 My college girlfriend had a big birthday to celebrate so I flew in to celebrate with her. We had a great time staying at the Westin Grand Cayman. The service at the hotel was incredible. I enjoy feeling like a special guest even though I’m just your average tourist. When I walked into the hotel, I was met with an aroma that immediately sent me into relaxation mode. I can smell it now if I close my eyes. Before I knew it, a welcome beverage was in my hand signaling vacation had begun.

The beach and the water were perfect. My only memory of Grand Cayman was the fine white sand. This time, it wasn’t as fine, which was a positive. It was a texture fine enough to enjoy with bare feet and not have it stick to me too much. The water temperature was great and we anticipated the waves picking up with the looming storms. I’m glad we spent the first day at the beach because it really was too rough after day one.

We went to a wine tasting venue, West Indies Wine Company. It was the best wine-tasting experience I’ve had. The selection is great and the meat and cheese board, or Charcuterie tray if you like it fancy, was incredible. It was the perfect compliments to the wines we chose. I had so much fun because Christie and Bruce have been to Cayman so much they are like locals. They made sure I had a great time seeing the island, which was so nice since it was her birthday. Thank you Christie & Bruce for everything!

IMG_6517I probably would have had even more fun if I didn’t think I had an iron stomach on night one. Yeah, I had a little too many cocktails and I paid for it the rest of the trip. It didn’t stop me from having good food and making the best of my undiagnosed alcohol poisoning. That sounds so dramatic! I know, that’s the nurse in me.

It’s been ages since I’ve had a chance to stay at a Kimpton but we did take a walk through the lobby of the new @Kimpton Seafire in Grand Cayman. That’s definitely where I’m staying on my next trip!

Finally, I started an eCommerce store called Buy It Because You Want It @BIBYWI. I know the name is long but all the short names I could think of were already taken. This particular store is for men’s accessories. I’ve always loved a well-dressed man and it’s so much fun selecting items for the store. I’ve gotten a great response and look forward to where this will go. On that note, all my girlfriends wanted me to start a store so I’ve added a link for women’s accessories to the site. Check the sites out if you have time. Let me know what you think!

I’m looking forward to next month. The kid is coming for Christmas! Well, he’s more like #TheYoungMan I don’t think I can call him #thekid anymore. He’s growing up!

Living Life….and it’s still good!

Jaden Miles #TheYoungMan aka #TheKid

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