Tea Time, Donuts, and Junk

IMG_5657I was excited to visit my friend Amber in California after her recent move from #Portland. What better weekend to go than when the Great Junk Hunt would be in town? I got a very inexpensive direct flight to Burbank on SWA and looked forward to a packed one and a half day visit! Amber is the hostess of hostesses. I appreciated the reusable water bottles with the refill jug in the back of the car. That’s so #PDX and so something I would do! The guest room is amazing! It all starts with the sheets. I thought my guest sheets were great, I must up my game after staying in Amber’s cozy guest room. She convinced me to use the warming pad on the bed. While I was initially skeptical, it was heavenly! I slept like a baby.

First stop was Cafe Nouveau for brunch. It’s a cute spacious restaurant nestled into a residential neighborhood with indoor and outdoor seating. The bacon, avocado, and jack omelette I had was scrumptious. The killer: the sweet potato biscuits. I have never had such a thing and they were prepared with the right amount of sweet potato. I could appreciate the flavor of sweet potato with the perfectly proportioned breading. If you like sweet potatoes just a little, you can’t leave without trying them! Delicious!

We spent the day in #Ventura, and headed to the beach. It was a bit cool for #California and if it was a tiny bit warmer, we may have stayed on the beach for while and enjoyed the rough waves beating up the sand. Instead, we opted for a wind blown beach selfie that resulted in my lip gloss getting sprinkled with sand. Amber and I love skee ball. We managed to find a little game room and played skee ball, which we’re both terrible at. I also played the fastest game of Galaga I’ve ever played. Yeah, I lost pretty quick. Our wins from skee ball, however, resulted in an airhead that we shared. We really didn’t even have enough tickets for the airhead but I think the guys working the counter had pity on us.

I love shops with local artists’ work on display. We had a chance to see plenty of jewelry , art, and pottery at the shops down by the marina. From there, we heard Main Street was the place to go…and we did.

IMG_5630As we began our shopping/window shopping, Amber told be about her Santa collection. This is a collection that started more than 20 years ago. I had visions of Santa everywhere in her house, like the image I had in my mind was beginning to frighten me. Of course I didn’t tell Amber that. Just so you know, she has the most amazing Santa collection that is so tastefully done and well thought out. She’s inspired me a bit.

We went along into many holiday themed stores and I saved her from buying some santas, but she managed to squeeze in a few santas. After the marina and Main Street, it was finally time for the Great Junk Hunt.

The first thing I can tell you is that if the GJH comes to your town, DO NOT purchase early bird tickets. I swear it’s a scam. They allow you in 30 minutes before normal shopping hours but they don’t limit the number of tickets sold. With hundreds of people waiting to enter for early bird, it’s basically too many people to move around and see anything within that first half hour. Other than waiting in the cold and not having an advantage, the GJH was so much fun! I miss the antique/vintage/shabby chic shopping that is so common in the #PacificNorthwest. Throw a little Christmas in there and it’s so much more fun. I had no choice but to show restraint because I like a deal…and if I have to ship it home, it’s no longer a deal. Amber on the other hand, got some good stuff. I did, however, save her from buying the dancing country singing Santa. I left California with a set of snowman coaster. They are super cute!

Day two we spent on Honolulu Street, just blocks from Amber’s home. We started at The T Room for a special Christmas High Tea and it was one of the most amazing #hightea experiences I’ve had. Mind you, I’ve had high tea around the world and The T Room is a little gem right on Honolulu Street and has been there for 16 years. The English Breakfast tea was prepared to perfection. The warm scones fresh from the oven were sensational with the jam to top it off. The turkey sandwich and the chicken sandwich were two of my favorites and the lemon pound cake was moist and superb. The owner was so delightful and was kind enough to seat us as she prepare for a group of 60 women. This experience was a highlight of my trip.

We ended the day like we started the day: with food. Sushi Roku was our choice forIMG_5632 dinner and every bit of what we had was delicious. I especially enjoyed the Brussels Sprouts and the spicy tuna roll. The house cabernet for happy hour was amazing. Finally, Amber took me to @DonutFriend. All I can say is #VoodooDonuts has nothing on Donut Friend. Their cake donuts are moist and delicious. The apple fritter was to die for and you can customize your donuts. It doesn’t get much better than that!

#Lifeisgood and the #youngman will be here this weekend!

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